Lucky In Love – Lucky In Marriage 777 The Most Popular Wedding Date In Years

Wedding Planning

Lucky in Love – Lucky in Marriage
777 the Most Popular Wedding Date in Years

Choosing Special Wedding Dates

Since ancient days, in many cultures, brides and grooms chose their wedding date very carefully. Some days have always been preferred over others.

Even today in the USA, certain dates are considered more popular than others. Traditionally Labor Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, the Christmas holiday season and The thanksgiving weekend are chosen most often for wedding celebrations.

This year there is a date that tops all of them. In fact some consider it a phenomenon. This special day is July 7, 2007 or 777.

We have interviewed both, engaged couples who chose this as their wedding date and wedding vendors, professionals and service providers hired by them.

Reasons for Choosing July 7. 2007 as a Wedding Date

Some of the reasons given us by the couples were:

  • Having found the loves of their life, the couples feel lucky. Adding 777 to the occasion is the ultimate jackpot.
  • To have their life long commitment blessed with luck. As one couple iterated:”you can never have too much luck.”
  • Many individuals and couples consider number 7 their favorite number.
  • Quite a few couples cited the Biblical reverence of number 7. The most common reference was to the 7 days of creation and that God blessed and rested on the 7th day, so that still today our week contains 7 days. The other popular reference was to the prayer of the Lord having 7 petitions.
  • Of great importance was also the fact that the 7th of July falls on a saturday so close to The 4th of July holiday allowing for a weekend long enough for guests from far away not to have to rush home. A weekend long enough for relaxing, un-hurried destination weddings.
  • Some of those we interviewed said that they just liked the way 777 looks on their invitations, that it sounds nice and that it offers great wedding theme possibilities.
  • All, with no exception liked the fact that the date is easy to remember. I can certainly identify with this way of thinking. When I chose to get married on the 4th of July, I considered that the date is easy to remember, we’ll be off from work and that every year the entire country will help us celebrate.

    What Wedding Vendors, Professionals and Service Providers Say About July 7. 2007 as a Wedding Date

    All Wedding Vendors, Professionals and Service Providers, with no exception feel very lucky. They were booked early, some over 2 years ago. Of those who can accommodate more than one wedding on that day, the majority already have waiting lists and we are only in March.

    Realizing the popularity of the date, quite a few raised their standard fees. They figured that with so many couples vying for the date, they’ll get top dollar plus. Brides and grooms are aware of the higher prices and of the competition for the 777 wedding date and are willing to pay the price to secure it.

    We spoke with hotels and halls and all are filled. Las Vegas the wedding capital of the world has been sold out for quite some time as have other cities with casinos.

    If you are a couple, in need of a wedding site, note that 777 is in the summer and consider the following options:

  • A destination wedding in a rural setting or abroad
  • A wedding in a home
  • A wedding in a park
  • A wedding on a beach
  • A wedding in a university hall
  • A wedding at a museum that offers such a facility
  • A wedding on a private estate
  • A wedding at a bed and breakfast
  • A wedding at sea, on a yacht or boat.
  • Do you have any ideas to share with us?

    What if you can not find a caterer?
  • Contact a restaurant
  • Summon your family and friends and start cooking and freezing.
  • Have a picnic reception
  • Have a pot luck reception

    OFFICIANTS who offer a ceremony venue whom we interviewed, suggested that they’ll perform one ceremony every 45 minutes or an hour until quite late into the night.

    WEDDING PLANNERS have donned their thinking caps, coming up with ideas for 777 themes for their clients. Some ideas are:

  • Starting either the ceremony or the reception at 7:00pm
  • Having 7 instead of 8 guests per table,
  • Setting the tables in the hall in the shape of number 7
  • Having 7 different centerpieces – repeating if there are more than 7 tables
  • Having a 7 tier wedding cake or a wedding cake shaped like number 7
  • Having the wedding accessories embelished with eithr 777 or luck oriented decorations*
  • Using 3 number 7 jewelry cake top numerals
  • Having #7 on jewelry and engraveable gifts for the wedding attendants
  • Having 7 people in the wedding party
  • Having a 7 candle candalabra on the bridal table
  • giving out favors and decorating with luck related items such as:* 777, good luck charms, 4 leaf clover, horse shoes, rainbows, stars, lucky pennies in a shoe, preferable minted in a year with 7. How about Scratch or lottery tickets or Jersey # 7 of a favorite theme?
  • A few planners were asked to arrange a fun, “Las Vegas night” style reception. Most suggested that their clients must be sure that if they invited guests who are against gambling, they may find objectionable. So, know your guests before you plan a casino like reception.

    I have interviewed a planner who really got inspired by the date.

    She arranged that her clients will

  • have a hotel room with a number 7 on the door.
  • Both the limo for the wedding day and the rental car for the 7 day honeymoon have number 7 on their license plates.
  • She secured – reserved parking spot number 7 for them.

    July 7. 2007 as a Wedding Date
    Flexibility and the Creative Brides and Grooms

    A few of the couples we interviewed, who secured 777 as their wedding date and who are flexible had rather creative ideas.

    The two that were really unique were by a bride and groom who were willing to SELL their wedding day complete with all the arrangements.

    They said that they will be glad to change their wedding date for a fee.

    Another couple familiar with the tradition in some countries of ‘Community Weddings’ is willing to have a shared wedding providing the other bride and groom will pick up the tab for the agreed upon flowers, decorations and entertainment. “This,” said the bride “will save us money but will not add to the wedding costs the other brides and grooms. Either way they’ll have to pay for flowers, decorations and entertainment.”
    The hall will be divided in such a way that the guests of each wedding will be separated from the other.

    A few couples seem interested, in fact they believe that it will be a unique wedding experience and will leave lasting fun memories for both couples.

    So, Why, is this Date or the Combination of Numbers

    So Special and Sought After?

    Since ancient times, the number 7 was revered and considered LUCKY by most all societies and in many fields such as: Religion, Ethics, Mathematics, Spiritualizm, Numerology, Geography, Astrology and Philosophy.

    Following are but a few samples

  • The bible Reveres the number 7 many times it can easily be considered the favorite.
  • Since the time of the ancient world, people revered the
  • 7 sacred planets.
  • The Seven Seas
  • The seven virtues
  • The seven Stars – planets
  • Today, the 777 Ultimate Jackpot.
  • and don’t forget the Seventh Heaven where brides and grooms are on their wedding day.

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    Copyrights © 2007 All Rights Reserved Nily Glaser,

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    mall for wedding gifts, supplies and bridal accessories.

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